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Brrrr, het wordt kouder!

You may have already noticed that the colder weather affects the skin. And did you know that this also applies to our hair? Yes, the locks also need that ' extra touch' .

Hair can be oilier during the cold, especially if you often wear beanies or hats. If you cover your head, the hair roots can breathe less well. This causes the scalp to sweat more. This stimulates sebum production, which can make our hair greasy faster. It is also important not to go outside with wet hair. This can cause the hair to freeze and even break off (!). To prevent this, it is important to take care of the locks more intensively. This means using products that fulfill the necessary hair needs. To give you a helping hand: The following products are completely cold-proof!

The moisty seaweed hair bath contains seaweed which intensely hydrates the hair, which is absolutely necessary when the hair lacks moisture during the cold(er) months. During every wash, the hair receives an infusion of exclusive and high-quality marine botanicals, including seaweed and algae. Together with the Quinoa Protein Complex - which binds moisture from the outside air - shea butter, soy proteins and oil from apricot, the moisture balance of the hair and scalp is restored.

The moisty seaweed hair mask works the same way: restores the hair to the maximum in terms of hydration. Thanks to the Quinoa Protein Complex - which binds moisture from the outside air - and a mix of exclusive and high-quality marine botanicals (seaweed and algae), the hair is intensively hydrated, which prevents further drying of the hair. After two treatments, the moisture balance of the hair is 3 times more compared to regular care. The hair immediately becomes smooth and manageable.

The all time must-have is the moisty seaweed 24 benefits instant cure . This product has (as the name already reveals) 24 benefits and does everything the hair needs; this product tames the hair, provides the hair with more shine and suppleness and improves combability. What is particularly interesting is that the product has an antistatic effect. Our hair is often statically charged in the cold winter months due to the freezing cold and by wearing hats and (wool) scarves. The panacea with 24 benefits!


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