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Morning Dew

The morning dew hydra-active prebiotic program is a program for dry, sensitive and eczema-prone skin. Thanks to a natural prebiotic, the good bacteria, which are important for healthy skin, are kept intact. This brings the skin microbiome back into balance and reduces skin problems in a natural way. Morning dew products contain the natural prebiotic preBIULIN AGA , derived from chicory, a root of the chicory family.
PreBIULIN AGA balances the skin microbiome, prevents skin aging and reduces skin problems. In addition, preBIULIN AGA has the ability to directly counteract the harmful effect of preservatives. It hydrates faster, more intensively and longer compared to hyaluronic acid. PreBIULIN AGA provides hydration to the skin for 24 hours. Together with hyaluronic acid, ceramides (replenishment of fats that occur naturally in your skin) and natural moisturizers, dry lines are reduced and the skin is protected against harmful external influences.

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