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Scented candle

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  • Oolaboo OOOO de parfum candle, geurkaars zonder parafine.

    OOOO the perfume scented candle 02 sandalwood 300 ml

    3 reviews

    An artisan candle made from 100% eco soy wax, without dyes or other synthetic additives, in a recycled glass jar. Burns cleaner and on average two times longer than a regular candle. The soy wax, derived from soybeans, is completely biodegradable, free of chemicals and environmentally friendly. The aromatic fragrance composition is obtained through the use of 100% natural, pure, essential oils extracted from sandalwood. Contains a pure cotton wick, free of lead, chemicals and bleach. Winner of the Dutch Beauty Award 2019! The jury report reads: "This Dutch brand never slackens and excels in innovations with a green character. The smell of this product has been declared addictive and the jury is almost unanimously enthusiastic. Oolaboo wins the Home and Lifestyle Category with the OOOO perfume product line."


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