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About us

Our story

Thank you for visiting our online shop! Feel welcome! We would like to briefly tell you our story.

How it started…

After a start as a hairdresser and a successful career in the cosmetics industry, the brothers Richard and Jeroen Wilmink had a dream: to develop their own cosmetics brand. While the world focused on beauty on the outside, the brothers got inspired by beauty from within; After all, 70% of your skin condition is determined by the nutrients you consume.

In 2011, the brothers realized their dream and founded Oolaboo.
Oolaboo believes in beauty on the outside, but true beauty comes from taking just as much care on the inside. The most important principle in the development of our products is that everything we use in and on our bodies must be safe and natural as much as possible. Because what is not safe enough for your mouth, we do not use for your skin and hair. Our products are therefore all free of parabens, sulfates and mineral oils. 
Both Richard and Jeroen, and of course the rest of the team, love animals, so you can be sure that all our products are not tested on animals.

This year

We are proud that Oolaboo has grown into a lifestyle brand. We are happy to help you with your daily beauty routine with the best and safest products.

Oolaboo also has unique treatments inspired by Japanese and Chinese treatment methods. An Oolaboo specialist is trained in the philosophy of Oolaboo and knows better than anyone which products are best for your skin and hair.

Whether you are looking for a restorative shampoo, a skin-improving cream or a safe toothpaste, or whether you want to create a comfortable atmosphere with exclusive scents: Oolaboo is happy to help you bring out the best in yourself.

Happiness can be found in the little things in life and of course we are eager to share your happiness by surrounding you with all those little Oolaboo moments of happiness.

If you encounter any ambiguities on our website, do not hesitate to contact us. We are ready to answer all your questions.


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