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De kracht van natuurlijke oliën.

Your skin naturally produces fats (sebum) that ensure that your skin does not dry out. Sebum is actually a kind of oil that your skin produces itself. To care for your skin and solve skin problems, natural oils can be used very well in your daily skin care routine.

Vegetable oils

Vegetable oils come from the fruits, seeds or kernels of plants and are obtained by pressing. Vegetable oils are packed with antioxidants and fatty acids and provide the necessary hydration and keep the skin supple and soft. They have an anti-inflammatory and calming effect. Vegetable oils also protect against harmful UV rays and restore the skin that has been exposed to UV rays. No preservatives are added because bacteria and fungi do not like natural oil. Because vegetable oils are very similar to the oils that the body produces naturally, they are easily and quickly absorbed by the skin. The skin therefore does not feel 'sticky' after use.

Vegetable oils are suitable for every skin type, and yes, especially for skin that naturally produces a lot of sebum. (greasy skin) These oils provide the balance in the production of sebum. They do not cause blemishes because these oils do not clog the pores and counteract dehydration of the skin, which in turn causes blemishes. The sensitive baby skin also tolerates vegetable oil well, great to use after the bath or during a baby massage.

Essential oils

Essential oil, also known as essential oil, is an oil that is extracted from trees and plants through steam distillation and is therefore natural.
Each oil has its unique scent. These oils are highly concentrated and have a positive effect on the skin. The use of essential oils often requires explanation because you cannot use every essential oil pure, long-term or during pregnancy.

Which oil is right for you?

You can actually use vegetable oil for your entire body, including your hair. For example, you use the super foodies smart multi-use oil after showering to rub in your body. This oil is extremely suitable as a massage oil, also for baby massages.
Are you a fan of facial oil? Then use the oil after cleansing your face. If you like extra care, use the oil under your day care.
Use the oil for your nails and cuticles and also for your hands in winter.
Do you suffer from dry ends in the hair? Then use a little in the ends of your hair to prevent frizz or use it to create a 'wet look' so that your hair is taken care of while sunbathing.

The smart multi use oil contains apricot kernel oil that improves the skin barrier function, nourishes the skin and is full of Omega 6 fatty acids and vitamin E. The smart multi-use oil also contains jojoba oil that provides long-term hydration, slows down sebum production and is also a strong antioxidant. Buriti oil soothes and reduces damage to the skin from exposure to UV rays. Squalan (from plants) hydrates and improves the skin's regenerative capacity. In addition, squalane restores elasticity and reduces fine lines.

As you read, this oil is not called for nothing: multi use oil. A vegetable oil that can be used for purposes.

Do you prefer essential oil? Then the essential cocktails might be something for you. A series of three cocktails for different skin types.

The soothing oil is an oil with soothing, calming and resistance-enhancing properties, and is for sensitive skin with couperosis or rosacea. Soothes the skin, reduces skin inflammation, significantly reduces the symptoms of rosacea, rosacea, dark circles and wrinkles. Helps prevent any oxidative damage. The essential nutrients help reduce irritation or skin glow. The skin becomes calmer and visibly less red.

The renewing oil is a natural mix with nurturing, renewing and soothing properties for (dry) mature skin. The specifically selected essential oils are rich in vitamins; this blend / mix stimulates the production of collagen, fades wrinkles and intensively nourishes the skin and reduces skin aging. Penetrates deep into the skin and has a stimulating effect on damaged skin cells.

The purifying oil contains healing properties that soothe inflammation, prevent the spread of bacteria and thus prevent the development of acne. Jojoba oil acts as a transporter that allows the absorption of the essential oils. This exclusive composition with particularly effective antibacterial action prevents skin defects from becoming visible and also prevents the irritation that often accompanies damaged skin.

So you see, something for everyone and everything based on pure natural and vegetable oils, products without mess.


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