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Houd jouw krullen onder controle.

When caring for and styling a bunch of beautiful curls, there is more to it than you often think. Frizzy and unruly hair are part of curls, aren't they? Hydrating your curly hair is key! The hair is naturally drier because you have curls. Curly hair has an irregular structure and the shape of the curl is not very constant. It can quickly become dry and dull. The humidity can make the hair difficult to control and cause it to frizz. It is important to nourish, soften and care for curls so that a nice smooth curl pattern can be created. But how do you do that best?

No hair bath, no shampoo, but a co-wash!

Curls are naturally drier because the natural oils from the scalp can't always reach the tip of the curl properly. Therefore, the curly hair often needs more care. Our research has shown that people with curly hair have thought about skipping shampooing and only shampooing their hair. People who wash their curls with a conditioner think that they are cleaning and caring for their curls in a mild way. That makes sense until you know what actually happens to your hair and scalp when you only wash it with conditioner.

A shampoo makes the hair scales swell, so that active and nourishing ingredients from a shampoo and conditioner can better penetrate to the core of the hair. A conditioner then closes the hair cuticle after washing and ensures that care remains in the core of the hair.

The scalp contains natural oils, dirt sticks to it. The scalp stays clean and healthy by washing it at least twice a week with a mild shampoo. Beautiful and strong hair grows from a healthy scalp.
Washing it alone with a conditioner gives the hair a nasty build-up of products and those natural oils on the scalp. This can lead to limp and dirty hair and an unstable scalp with clogged hair follicles, increased hair loss, dandruff and a burning scalp. Regular washing with a conditioner therefore closes the hair for the care and hydration that curly hair so desperately needs. By washing your hair with conditioner, you achieve the opposite of what you thought you were doing.

Step 1 Co-wash

Clean your curls with a mild shampoo especially for curly hair, such as the Oolaboo curlicious argan curl refining co-wash . This co-wash is specially tailored to curls, gently cleanses curly hair while the care in the shampoo (actually an added conditioner) cares for the curls at the same time, hence the name Co-wash. Co-washing means that you replace your shampoo with only one product that can do the work of a shampoo (cleansing) and a conditioner (care / nourish / moisturize) at the same time.

The curlicious argan curl refining co-wash is a cleansing treatment, which has been specially developed for this purpose. Apply the co-wash to the scalp and massage it in to remove all residue from your scalp. In the meantime, your curls will also be clean because the foam is distributed over your curls. Before rinsing out the co-wash, let it soak in for a while. Then comb the foam through your curls with your fingers. Do not rub, because this will damage your curls. Rinse your curls well and repeat the cleaning again if you like it or if your scalp still doesn't feel clean.

Step 2 Condition

Use a good (leave-in) conditioner, such as the curlicious argan curl reactivating serum. The use of a (leave-in) conditioner after washing is therefore an absolute must. Use curlicious argan curl reactivating serum in towel-dried hair and possibly comb through your curls with a wide tooth comb. Do not rinse out the serum.

Step 3 Style/Protect

After your curls have been washed and cared for, use a protective cream in the hair to lightly strengthen your curls and prevent frizz. For this you use the curlicious argan curl defining cream. This product gives your curls a light firmness and protects the curls against external (weather) influences, so that it does not fluff or frizz. Divide the defining cream well over the hair, then knead it well into your curls or comb it carefully with a wide tooth comb. Make sure that a sufficient amount of defining cream 'insulates' your curls, so that your curls remain beautifully natural shapely locks.

The above products from the new curlicious argan curl defining program have been developed according to the Curly Girl method (CG method). This method is about the optimal care of wavy and curly hair.

The curlicious argan program consists of the following three products, which are recommended to be used in a series:

1. curlicious argan curl refining co-wash (cleanse)
2. curly argan curl refing reactivating serum (condition)
3. curly argan curl defining cream (style/protect)

All products are enriched with:

Argan oil: the essential fatty acids in argan oil nourish the hair. The hair shines and becomes stronger and more elastic;

Coconut oil: is especially effective for dry and curly hair. It is very nutritious and super moisturizing. It is a kind of moisturizer for your hair and provides extra shine and is full of natural fatty acids, proteins and vitamins;

Aloe Vera: Comprised of water, 20 minerals, 12 vitamins, 18 amino acids and 200 phytonutrients, it promotes shine and moisture in the hair.

All products do not contain silicones, parabens, mineral oils and SLS/SLES as detergents, but Sodium Lauroyl Lactylate , this natural ingredient is made from plant oils and sodium carbonate and Sodium Cocoyl Alaninate , also a natural raw material, extracted from coconut oil.

Below are some useful tips:

Loose Curls:

First detangle damp hair with a wide tooth comb. Bring curl refining reactivating serum , wind the curls around a finger to define, then scrunch into the strands to hold the curl. Air dry or use a diffuser.

Strong curls:

First detangle damp hair with a wide tooth comb. Separate the hair into sections. Apply curl refing reactivating serum to each section for extra hydration and shine. Then knead curl defining cream into each section. Air dry or use a diffuser.

Additional styling tips:

1. After styling, allow hair to dry completely before shaking out curls, helping to define curls and reduce frizz.

2. On day 2, 3 (and beyond): use the curl reactivating serum to refresh, hydrate and redefine curls. Then model with curl defining cream.


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