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Houd vet haar onder controle

If you suffer from oily hair, it is very annoying. Oily hair doesn't mean your hair is dirty. The hair becomes oily when your scalp secretes too much sebum. Your hair then feels sticky, gets a greasy shine and can get an unpleasant smell. So not nice.

You can do a number of things to prevent the stimulation of sebum as much as possible.
Do not massage the scalp while washing your hair, by massaging the scalp you stimulate the production of sebum.
Are you a fan of conditioner? Then use it only in the points. In addition, it is important to limit 'heat' as much as possible. Set the hair dryer to the lowest setting or let the hair dry naturally. It is also better not to use too hot water during washing.

Naturally, a shampoo plays a major role in oily hair.

New within the therapeutic green tea program is the purifying anti sebum hair bath . The shampoo has been specially developed for excessive sebum production, oily dandruff and oily hair. It provides intensive cleansing of the hair and scalp.

Thanks to a quadruple action, sebum is removed and the scalp normalized, without affecting the essential fatty acids. With regular use, the sebum level remains in balance, creating an ideal basis for a healthy and clean scalp. The scalp feels clean and refreshed.

4 Active and natural ingredients are the basis:

Zinc is of vegetable origin and is ideal for oily skin. It has an antiseptic effect that limits the multiplication of bacteria on the scalp. It stimulates the differentiation of the epidermis and strengthens the skin barrier function. It strengthens the hair and gives the hair back its natural shine. It also has a moisturizing factor.

Copper is used to regulate sebaceous gland activity by reducing sebum on the scalp. Also has a moisturizing factor.

Sopholiance from wheat and rapeseed, has an antimicrobial and odor neutralizing effect. It can fight oily skin targeting specific bacteria involved in acne reactions and body odor (in vitro test). It also acts as a sebum regulator for oily scalp.

After all, green tea works soothing, anti-inflammatory and helps balance oily scalp.

Keep your scalp in balance with the therapeutic green tea program.



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