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Keep an eye on it!

Opinions about whether or not to use eye cream are divided. We at Oolaboo believe that an eye cream definitely matters!

The skin around the eyes is much thinner and more sensitive than the rest of the face. Veins are often more visible in this area. This small piece of skin contains fewer sebaceous glands and collagen. The skin around the eyes loses its moisture more quickly, causing fine wrinkles to develop more quickly.

This is where a good eye cream comes in handy. The molecules of an eye cream are smaller so that they can penetrate deeper into the thin skin around the eyes. Each eye cream gives the skin the necessary hydration, which is very pleasant.

The truffle indulgence eye cream , for example, vitalizes the skin stem cells responsible for the production of collagen and elastin, making the skin around the eyes firmer. The eye cream treats current wrinkles and prevents new wrinkles around the eye. Due to the continuous movements we make with our eyes, such as laughing, the skin is folded. This eventually leads to wrinkles. The existing wrinkles are fed again by means of an eye cream, so that the wrinkles become less visible over time.

Ingredients such as PreBIULIN AGA, a natural prebiotic, ensure that good bacteria remain intact. Macadamia oil contains a natural UV filter and prevents moisture loss. Squalane, extracted from olive oil, is a strong oxidant. It restores the natural balance of the skin, absorbs quickly and does not close the skin. Squalane penetrates deep into the skin, softens and heals. Jojoba oil softens, nourishes and moisturizes. You will find the ingredients mentioned in the morning dew eye opening emulsion. It also contains no perfume, which can sometimes cause irritation in the eyes.

Do you quickly suffer from moisture accumulation under the eyes? Then the ageless eye pads might be a must-have for you! These contain, in addition to the necessary dose of hyaluronic acid, licorice extract and grapefruit seed extract, which ingredients reduce swelling and bags under the eyes, it also refreshes the skin.

Unfortunately, an eye cream does not help with dark circles under the eyes ... this is often a cause of poor blood circulation, hyperpigmentation or just deep-lying eye sockets. With a little skill you can cover it up with a concealer to still look fresh.

Little tip: the best way to apply eye cream is to apply a few dots of eye cream from the outer corner of the eye to just below your tear duct. Gently dab the eye cream into the skin with your ring finger, and voilà!

Do you want the best result? Then use an eye cream twice a day.


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