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Reinigen van jouw huid: nooit overslaan!

As you could read in the previous article, maskne is a new phenomenon that we are left with from wearing a mouth mask. Properly cleansing the skin is paramount when it comes to preventing maskne. A part that you do, at least, twice a day.
Tell me honestly?
Do you ever skip it?

In the evening you cleanse your skin to remove make-up, sebum and dirt. This is necessary in the morning to remove the dirt that has been brought up during the night when skin is regenerating.

To properly cleanse your skin, use a gentle cleanser that does not damage your skin barrier. Always use lukewarm water. The wipe off cleansing nectar , for example, consists of natural nourishing nutrients, such as castor oil, monoi oil and shea butter. Schizophyllan causes new, healthy skin cells to be born and dead skin cells to be pushed to the surface.

Use theOOOO sonic to rid your skin of impurities in 2 minutes.
The OOOO sonic is water resistant, antibacterial and easy to clean under the tap. This contains 14 different speeds where 1000 soft pressure points do the work, namely optimally cleaning your skin. In addition, the texture of your skin will improve and your skin will look better as a result.

In addition, it is important toexfoliate the skin at least once a week with normal skin . This gives the skin a healthy glow and keeps it able to absorb nutrients. Be careful with older skin , it is often thinner so you can better leave intensive scrubbing.

Well- cleansed skin ensures that the elixir and the day cream or night cream you use afterwards are absorbed much better by the skin.

So even if you are in a hurry to get out the door in the morning and you almost fall asleep before going to bed, never forget to cleanse your skin !


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