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Trendy looks voor zomer 2021

The season of sunshine is approaching, so it's time to think about our summer hairstyle. We have listed a number of trendy hairstyles for 2021 to start the summer fresh.

curtain bangs

Some of you will recognize this popular hairstyle from the 1970s. Curtain bangs are usually on the longer side, styled with a center parting and wavy hair. Fortunately, this hairstyle works for any hair type: from straight to curly. We definitely recommend trying this out as the look frames your face perfectly, just like a curtain does on a window, hence the name “curtain” bangs.
Shorter variant is also called the 'texture waves'. The lobe gets its texture by using a hair straightener. #curtainbangs

High pigtails

Speaking of trendy hairstyles, this is a fun alternative to your usual ponytail. Hailey Bieber is regularly spotted with the high pigtails trend with wavy ends. We are fans! #highpigtails


Summer is the perfect time to color your hair, and this summer every stylist is talking about copper being the coolest color to try right now. They say this is the best color because the shades can be adjusted specifically to enhance your natural beauty!

Dutch supermodel Gigi Hadid went from a dirty blonde to a great new shade. Kylie Jenner also looks beautiful with copper look!

Big chop

Shorter than short, dare you? Stand out with a short haircut, totally trendy this summer. Now is the time to just do it! Come on girl! #bigchop

pixie cut

Also nice and short, but with a fringe and on top just a little longer than the big chop. If you don't quite dare to do the latter yet, then this is probably something for you!

Natural curl

Are you blessed with a beautiful bunch of curls? Lucky you! The Curly Girl Method can no longer be ignored online! Avoid shampoos with sulfates and silicones and do not use styling products with alcohol. Let your curls dry naturally and do not use heat sources such as a hair dryer or curling brush.

Be prepared for summer!


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