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Wat is het verschil tussen scrubben of exfoliëren?

Scrubbing and exfoliating actually mean the same thing. What we do know is the difference between a scrub and an enzyme-based product, without granules (also called lysing). This works on the surface of the skin and is milder than a scrub. A scrub has a grain and is good to use with impure skin, as it cleans the pores and gives a clean feeling.
Oolaboo supplements its products with 'acids'. These have the ability to actually work 'in' the skin.'

It is important to exfoliate once or twice a week. This gives the skin a healthy glow and keeps it able to absorb nutrients. Good exfoliation also ensures a clean and smooth effect. When acids are used in a product, they also stimulate cell renewal and an anti-aging effect occurs.

It is important, if you have a normal skin condition, to do it at least once a week. With impure skin, this can be up to twice a week. With sensitive skin, once a week is sufficient. Be careful with sensitive skin with an intensive peeling. It is better to use a milder exfoliant with sensitive skin. Not only the face, but also the rest of the body can be treated with a scrub with these frequencies, since our skin there also keratinizes every day.

When the skin ages, it often becomes somewhat thinner, which can make the skin more sensitive. It is therefore common for the frequency of peeling to decrease as you age.

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