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Wees lief voor je handen!

We still wash our hands all day...

It is therefore important to use a safe hand soap and hand gel and to rub your hands with a nourishing cream as often as possible.
Washing your hands well and using hand gel remains important to combat viruses, but what will that do to your hands in the long term?

It is important to use the right products that are kind to your hands.

A hand soap that is adjusted to the pH value of your skin is the most mild. Classic soaps or intensive cleaners often contain sulfates (aggressive cleaners) and are basic (acids with a pH value lower than that of the skin) in composition. This means that the skin's acid protective mantle (your skin's barrier layer) is easily compromised. If you feel that your skin is starting to become chapped and dry, you need to act urgently. Especially when your skin is dry, irritated or chapped, it can be more susceptible to pathogens. Viruses then penetrate more easily through the cracks caused by excessive hand washing and disinfection.
Cleaning is then no longer as efficient, it becomes painful and you do it less often or perhaps not at all.

The super foodies happy hand & body soap is a liquid hand and body soap with natural ingredients. Because the composition has a pH value of 5.3, it is tailored to the protective barrier of your skin. The foam feels creamy, soft and has an antibacterial effect, while respecting your skin. In addition, it also smells wonderfully floral like rose and tuberose.

You often don't have soap and water at hand, but you would like to disinfect your hands. The super foodies no rinse hand gel , with an alcohol percentage of about 70%, cleans your hands and kills germs (almost 99.9% of bacteria) without the need for water. However, you only want to get rid of the germs and therefore regular use will not dry out your hands. Panthenol, also known as provitamin B5, restores and moisturizes the skin. In addition, panthenol is a strong antioxidant, it prevents unwanted substances from entering the skin. The hand gel is a powerhouse that kills all unwanted bacteria, smells fresh and has a good thickness, so that no product is wasted.

The super foodies velvety hand lotion is a soft, protective and nourishing hand cream full of antioxidants. Thanks to a composition based on Japanese Matcha tea, it offers effective protection against external influences that dry out and damage the hands every day. Apricot kernel oil provides soft skin, while makadamia oil nourishes the skin. Babassu oil provides the necessary hydration. The soft cream repairs cracks and prevents dry or rough hands as a result of regular hand cleaning.
It is better not to lubricate thick layers, but to lubricate a little very regularly.

Being extra kind to your hands in these times is therefore very important to ensure the health of your hands and prevent dry hands and cracks.


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