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Summer tips!

Do you also enjoy the summer? Are you still going on holiday? Are you staying in our beautiful country or are you perhaps going to an exotic place? Anyway, with the following summer tips for skin and hair, you will get through the summer well cared for!

Protect, protect, protect.
We can't say it often enough: protect your skin well! Even if the sun doesn't shine for a day, but you are outside a lot! UV rays also penetrate the clouds! Preferably use a day cream with an spf so that the skin of your face is protected daily. If you enjoy yourself on the beach, at the swimming pool or in your garden, apply it regularly, preferably every two hours! UV rays not only provide a beautiful complexion, but also damage the skin, causing it to age prematurely.
At the end of the day, use an after-sun in the form of a cream or natural oil , this gives the skin the necessary hydration and keeps it supple.
The same is actually true for your hair. Use an oil to protect it from UV rays and salt and chlorinated water. Wear a hat or scarf when you are in the sun, it not only protects your hair, but also your face and it also looks nice!

Still a safe complexion without UV rays?
Do you still want a natural complexion, but would you rather not be in the sun? Then use a natural bronzer. This can be in the form of a spray , but also in the form of a mousse . The spray contains aloe vera that soothes, softens and moisturizes the skin, green tea extract that protects the skin against the sun and free radicals, vitamin E that strengthens the skin's barrier function, vitamin A stimulates cell renewal and improves skin elasticity and coenzyme Q10 generates energy and protects the skin from oxidative stress. The mousse also contains aloe vera. Both have a wonderful summer scent. Do you want a nice even color? Then scrub your skin a day in advance!

Switch products
In winter your skin needs more 'fuller' products than in summer. Use a 'light' day care with a moisturizing serum underneath. Don't forget the sensitive skin around the eyes . Does skin need extra boost, for example after or during a long flight? Then try a fleece mask , which is easy to carry and apply.

Maintain your hair color
Sunlight affects the color of your hair, as does swimming in the sea and in the pool. A good shampoo and conditioner gently clean and care for colored hair. Quinoa Protein Complex prevents hair color fading and retains color 5x longer. A natural UV filter prevents color loss due to sunlight and ensures longer color retention.

Do you have blonde or gray hair and/or highlights? A silver shampoo and silver conditioner neutralize unwanted golden yellow nuances in blonde and gray hair and brighten highlights, but gently cleanse the hair. Natural gray and white hair get a fresh, cool and bright look. Natural UV filters prevent color loss from sunlight.

We wish you a very nice summer!


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