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Oolaboo Rewards

Welcome to the Oolaboo Rewards Program, thank you for your interest!

Especially for you, as a loyal customer, we have set up a loyalty program, a program where you can save points and receive nice discounts!

You automatically save when you have an account with us. You receive points by, for example, making online purchases and following Oolaboo on Facebook and Instagram. You can also earn points by leaving product reviews! The points are awarded for a maximum of one review per month.

Whoever has his birthday gets presents! If you leave your date of birth with us, you will receive points from us as a gift on your birthday, which will make you feel extra birthday!

The saved points can be exchanged for discounts on your purchases, so the more points you collect, the higher the discount.

All possible ways to earn points are listed in the 'Earn Points' tab in the Oolaboo Rewards Program menu. There is no limit to the number of points that can be earned. You can start redeeming points from 250 points.

If you have enough points, the points can be exchanged and you will receive a discount on your order. Points can be redeemed through the 'Redeem Points' tab in the Oolaboo Rewards Program menu. After redeeming these points, you will immediately receive a personal discount code. You can enter this code when paying for your order. The discount will then be automatically deducted.

Anyone can join the Oolaboo Rewards Program. You do have to create an account in the online shop, so that the points can be tracked automatically. You will be regularly informed of the number of points earned and these can of course be found in your account (in the footer 'my oolaboo', 'oolaboo rewards').

If you no longer want to earn points, you can contact our customer care at and request a deregistration. Please note, the saved points will be lost and cannot be recovered!

If you have any questions about the Oolaboo Rewards Program, please contact our customer care at or call

Have fun saving!

Team Oolaboo


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