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Oolaboo blog

Oolaboo blog

Get inspired and discover all beauty tips and tricks!


  • Vrouw met warme muts en sjaal. Koud weer, extra bescherming voor de huid.

    Winter tips for the optimal protection of your skin.

    Winter! Freezing cold and snow, could the weather be this year…? Blue sky, sunshine, hot chocolate... love it! Your skin also enjoys it, provided you...

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  • Keep an eye on it!

    Keep an eye on it!

    Opinions about whether or not to use eye cream are divided. We at Oolaboo believe that an eye cream definitely matters!

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  • Wees lief voor je handen!

    Be kind to your hands!

    We still wash our hands all day... It is therefore important to use a safe hand soap and hand gel and to rub your hands...

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  • Brrrr, het wordt kouder!

    Brrrr, it's getting colder!

    You may have already noticed that the colder weather affects the skin. And did you know that this also applies to our hair? Yes, the...

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  • Houd vet haar onder controle

    Control oily hair

    If you suffer from oily hair, it is very annoying. Oily hair doesn't mean your hair is dirty. The hair becomes oily when your scalp...

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  • Be SMART, zorg voor een jonge uitstraling!

    Be SMART, make sure you look young!

    Did you know that the first signs of skin aging can already become visible from the age of 30? Of course, this depends on the...

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  • Wat is het verschil tussen scrubben of exfoliëren?

    What is the difference between scrubbing or exfoliating?

    Scrubbing and exfoliating actually mean the same thing. What we do know is the difference between a scrub and an enzyme-based product, i.e. without grain.

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  • Matcha, it's magic!

    Matcha, it's magic!

    The health benefits of Matcha far exceed those of normal green tea, because here you only drink the extract, but with Matcha you consume the...

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  • Houd ook in de zomer jouw haar mooi!

    Keep your hair beautiful in the summer too!

    Summer is here! We sit on a terrace or lie on the beach. The sunscreen is of course with us, after all we protect our...

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  • De musthave in de categorie haarproducten: de droogshampoo!

    The must-have in the hair products category: the dry shampoo!

    Don't want to wash your hair every day? Are you always in a hurry in the morning? Are you traveling and you don't have water?...

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  • Travel light!

    Travel light!

    How we have all been looking forward to this! We can and are allowed to travel to more and more countries! So it's time to...

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  • Hoe goed zorg jij voor jouw inner beauty?

    How well do you take care of your inner beauty?

    In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we sometimes forget to take good care of our inner beauty. After all, beauty from the outside...

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